Collection: Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting Fine Art Prints

Traditionally Japanese sumi-e ink paintings are created with the "four treasures" (the ink stick, ink stone, brush and paper) and depict the "four gentlemen": bamboo, wild orchids, chrysanthemum or plum blossom. Sumi-e is also known for its beautiful landscape ink paintings.

Below you will find both traditional Sumi-e artwork as well as modern renditions inspired by Japanese Ink Paintings. Please enjoy this special collection inspired by the brush (fude), ink (sumi) and rice paper (washi). The Fine Art Prints in this collection are printed on original Asian Rice Paper of high-quality and long lasting. Each fine art print is signed by myself: the artist (Ricarda).


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Sumi-e: The Art of Japanese Brush Ink Paintings

In the visual arts, few practices offer the level of precision, economy of means and self-discipline required as much as sumi-e. In this article we list some interesting facts about Sumi-e, the Art of Japanese Ink Painting, its history and how you can learn it.

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