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Cute Kawaii Art. Born out of love for Cats and Japanese Art.

Inspired by the Japanese illustration art represented in modern Pop Culture and now known under the terms of animemanga and chibi, and paired with the love and fascination for cats - both big and small, the two cheeky character cats Tipsy & Tapsy were born. Originally created as digital art presented and posted on Instagram under the account name CuteKawaii.Art, the characters have now dolled up for a new chapter of their adventure: their own online webshop collection.

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Two cheeky cats on a Tee

Fancy a cat stealing your attention on a T-Shirt? Browse through the latest Cute Kawaii Art Cat T-Shirt Collection.

Cute Kawaii Art T-Shirts

Cute Kawaii Art Cat T-Shirts

Good luck with this Maneki Neko Lucky Cat chibi

This cute Maneki Neko lucky cat chibi is here to bring you special luck. Adopt her, display her and luck will be yours.

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Cute Kawaii Art Maneki Neko

Cute Kawaii Art Cat Mugs

Two cute chibi cats brightening up your morning coffee or morning tea with these beautiful and cute cat coffee mugs.

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Cute Kawaii Art Cat Sticker


Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks, windows and more. Created and designed by an independent artist, inspired by Japanese pop culture and anime & chibi illustrations. Stickers and decals are die-cut and come in various sizes.

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